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Desenvolvimento, Democracia Participativa, Direitos Humanos, Ética na Política, Valores Republicanos.

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The School of Government was created in São Paulo in 1991 and believes the country's development is only possible insofar as it can count on ethics of government officials and prepared and active citizens.

The School of Government's courses are aimed at those involved directly or indirectly in public management, in other words, decision makers and those that influence them. In the first case, they are the governors, their executives and assistants at the federal, state and municipal levels; parliamentarians; members of the Judiciary and Public Prosecution. The latter are party and social movements leaders; nongovernmental organizations; business, trade union and student leadership, communicators and other opinion makers.

The commitment to national development, ethics in politics, full respect for human rights and uncompromising defense of the Republic and of Democracy are fundamental guidelines in the orientation of the School of Government.



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