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Formation of Governors

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Formation of Governors
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Português: Formação de Governantes

The Formation of Governors course is an interdisciplinary course that involves the participation of school directors and invited teachers from the academic realm, as well as political, business and technical experts. The course is distributed into two semesters, with four hours of class per week and three weekend activities each semester. Its structure involves lectures, in-class debates, interviews with public figures and field work.

The course topics are organized into four modules:
  1. The world we live in;
  2. Formation of contemporary Brazil;
  3. Fundamental principles and concepts;
  4. Brazilian political organization.
Each module has an emphasis on the ethical and social responsibility of all, considering??? the strong features of Brazilian mentality and our historical evolution. Classes are held every Monday and Tuesday, from 07:00 to 09:00 PM.

The course is paid, please contact us.

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